Elected Mecklenburg County Clerk of Superior Court and Judge of Probate in November 2014; Celebrating Seventeen Years of Proven Performance as North Carolina Court Administrator.


Co-Founder of Race Matters for Juvenile Justice, a court lead initiative designed to build more equitable systems of justice.  Lecturer and instructor on topics of Implicit Bias and Structural Racism.


Winston-Salem State University, BA; UNC at Chapel Hill,  Master of Social Work & Juris Doctorate.  Member of the NC State Bar in good standing. 

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Judge of Probate

As the Probate Judge, I determine what documents meet the legal requirements for a Last Will and Testament in order to be admitted to probate. Additionally, I  oversee the administration of family estates, incompetency and guardianship proceedings, foreclosures, partitions of land, legitimations, name changes, adoptions, and many other civil hearings. Since taking office we have implemented strategies to improve the customer experience and monitor satisfaction; create transparency and equity in court appointments; promote mediation in family disputes; and strengthen communication and collaboration with members of the Bar.


As Comptroller, I am responsible for receiving, investing, and disbursing over a hundred million dollars each year arising from court fees and fines.  Since taking office, I have restructured leadership and increased staffing within the Financial Management Division.  I personally review monthly financial reports and have employed other strategies to promote accountability.  Where areas of improvement have been identified, I have implemented policies that have been adopted statewide. As a result of skillful financial managment, the NC Office of State Auditor recently reported the presence of solid internal controls and no instances of noncompliance within our Clerk's Office.

Record Keeper

As Record Keeper,  I am responsible for filing, processing, indexing, and maintaining every piece of paper and many evidentiary items filed with the court.  A proponent of technology and electronic filing, I am excited with the  advancements I've piloted using document imaging and electronic scheduling.  

Court Administrator

As a Court Administrator, I manage the largest body of employees in the judicial branch. Creating a healthy work environment for the 209 Assistant and Deputy Clerks, who  span over nine court divisions and spread across four floors of the Mecklenburg County Courthouse, is paramount. Collectively we are responsible for assisting the public in filing and accessing court documents, staffing the courtrooms, and performing the many complex duties required in order to ensure the administration of justice. Since taking office, I have empowered a team of volunteer employees who have successfully transformed the work culture.  Elevating our level of public service, starts with caring for the well being of employees.